3010 Basic terminal

3015 Luggage scale

3020 Standard terminal

3030 Program terminal

713X Standard compact scale, approvable

714X Professional compact scales, approvable

7195 Dual Standard compact scale, approvable

7740.50 Build-in kitchen scale

9055, 9056, 9057 Tisch- und Stativwaagen

9115 Compact scale

912X Basic compact scale, Protection class IP 42

912X Basic compact scale, Protection class IP 65

913X Standard compact scale

9140, 9141, 9142 Zählwaagen Professional

914X Professional compact scale

9202.10, 9203.10 Compact scales stainless steel

9221 Counting scale

9241 Compact scale

9330 Check weighing scale

9360 Retail scale

915X Bench scale Basic, Protection class IP 65

9540, 9541, 9542 Zählwaagen Professional mit separatem Terminal

9755 Measuring system

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