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  • NEW: Retail scales

    Bench and suspended scales for sale at the service counter. Different software, weighing ranges and printers - adapted for use in butcher's shops, baker's shops, fruit and vegetable stands and supermarkets.

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  • NEW: Terminal 3025

    Approvable class III, sturdy stainless steel housing, protection class IP 67, terminal for multifunctional and variable communication applications.

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  • Food Industry

    Scales and weighing technology for food processing plants, suppliers, bakeries, butchers, catering kitchens, dairies as well as vegetables and fruits.

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  • Continuous scales

    Weighing and measuring in dynamical processes, flexible integration capability, MID approvable according to OIML R 51-1 and R 129, applications as automatic check weigher (filling capacity control), as postal scale, for single-, price- and weigh labeler.

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  • Transport & Logistics

    Weighing and measuring technology for operation in airports, production, distribution, forwarding and sea freight for static or dynamic weight- and volume measurement.

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Scales for medical, health & veterinary requirements - the new catalogue, valid from 1. September 2022


New Industry Catalogue - valid from 1 September 2022


Commerce and industry

For trade, commerce and industry we offer an extensive range of scales with accessories. From mobile compact scales, over weighing platforms, floor scales and terminals up to laboratory scales and load cells you will find exactly the right scale.

Medical and health

Baby scales, personal scales, chair scales, floor scales and laboratory scales are only a few examples of our scales program for operation in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics or in the fitness area.

System solutions

Besides our proven standard products for trade, commerce and industry as well as medical, health and veterinary requirements we offer nearly each special fabrication – customized for your particular requirements.

Service and DAkkS

Your scales are optimally secured with our services.

Accredited DAkkS calibration laboratory.
According to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for scales.


The scales are specially designed for the trade and craft of butcher's shops, baker's shops, fruit and vegetable stands and supermarkets. There are different models, with PC technology, with or without printer and different screen sizes.


The OEM Weighing Technology Division equips products and components from a wide variety of companies with our weighing technology or sensors.