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Guarantee conditions

Our Guarantee

In terms of the conditions below, Soehnle Industrial Solutions guarantees that the product purchased from Soehnle Industrial Solutions has no material, manufacturing or structural defects when properly used and serviced. This guarantee is valid for two years from the date of purchase of the product.

Terms of Guarantee

If the product purchased from Soehnle Industrial Solutions experiences material, manufacturing or structural defects during appropriate use and service, Soehnle Industrial Solutions or the distribution or service partner of Soehnle Industrial Solutions will at its own discretion either repair or replace it in accordance with the conditions below. Soehnle Industrial Solutions, or its distribution or service partner, retain the right to levy a processing charge or respectively the repair costs, if no guarantee claims for the product have arisen in terms of the stated guarantee conditions.

Saved data or files or respectively settings may be lost during repair or replacement of the Soehnle Professional product. Soehnle Industrial Solutions will accept no liability for this and will not grant any compensation for damages in this or similar cases.

Conditions of Guarantee

Before sending in a guarantee claim, please always contact our Service Team first at 07191-3453-0 or by email at

In the event of a guarantee claim, the form “Returns Request“ must always be filled in and sent beforehand to the service or internal sales service. The guarantee claim can be sent in only after clearance has been given by them. A copy of the Returns Request must be enclosed with the parcel. In the case of larger items, we or one of our service partners will call on you where necessary. Our Service Team in Backnang will in any event always coordinate in individual cases. You will find the form above on our Homepage, or simply contact our service department at the phone number above.

Soehnle Industrial Solutions undertakes to pay the costs of returning the goods to the customer, although not for sending them in. As an alternative the goods may of course be returned by the customer.

A guarantee claim can only be accepted if the equipment’s housing, or respectively the weighbridge or the accessory part, has not been opened, the equipment has been treated with due care and its installation site was suitable for operating the equipment.

This guarantee will apply only if the invoice with the serial number and date of sale that was issued to the initial purchaser by Soehnle Industrial Solutions, or by its distribution or service partner, is enclosed in the parcel with the relevant product along with the Returns Request, or is sent into our Service Team beforehand. If the serial number of the product has been removed, a check on the guarantee rights is no longer possible and the guarantee cannot be upheld.

Where the product has been repaired or replaced by Soehnle Industrial Solutions, or its authorised dealer or service partner, the guarantee will apply only for the remainder of the guarantee period for the initial purchase of the product.

Claims for repairs and/or replacements may also be met with functionally equivalent, used equipment. The components or equipment replaced will become the property of Soehnle Industrial Solutions.

The guarantee does not apply to defects in the equipment arising from wear, errors in operation or use or misuse. The guarantee equally will not apply in the event that the equipment has been operated without paying heed to the safety, installation and operating directions. The guarantee will also not apply to faults in the equipment resulting from accidents and/or changes to the hardware or software, force majeure or damage resulting from contact with liquids (unless these are harmless according to the operating instructions or product data sheet).

The guarantee will not apply to any rechargeable batteries, batteries, cables or network components, which were supplied on initial delivery of the product.

No guarantee will apply to product faults arising from alterations, installations, repairs or opening of the product by unauthorised persons. Soehnle Industrial Solutions will fulfil guarantee terms for its products only if they are operated with accessories/peripherals that are supplied by Soehnle Industrial Solutions. Product faults arising from defective software, virus attacks etc. are not subject to the guarantee.

Damage to seals on the equipment will lead to the invalidation of the guarantee.

The above guarantee will apply only under the above guarantee conditions. Oral commitments or commitments on the part of unauthorised third parties are invalid. Soehnle Industrial Solutions will accept no liability for indirect or direct consequential damages, in particular for lost earnings or similar economic disadvantages.

The guarantee will apply only within the EU and Switzerland.

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